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The Bloodline System

Novel-The Bloodline System-The Bloodline System
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Chapter 164 - Next Phase calculate example
Gustav walked majestically towards the second to the last pillar on the left side.
"All of you should be aware why you're below... The MBO entry ways analyze subscription is going to get started on in some moments. Nonetheless, before it does, I'd like to say a couple of things. I'm confident you all continue to be confused about what happened on your journey to the tower." He said with his hands set behind his back.
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The members didn't recognize that the MBO wanted everyone to partake over the following test out blindly, without any notion of what their other participants' toughness was.
For some reason, the MBO made a decision to not make known these details though they acquired it.
'I wonder what grade he is,' These were the thoughts of almost every mixed-blood in the vicinity.
"All of you need to know why you're on this page... The MBO entrance test subscription is going to start off in certain a matter of minutes. Nevertheless, right before it will, I'd wish to say a few points. I'm sure everybody are nevertheless confused about what actually transpired moving toward the tower." He said together with his palms positioned behind his back.
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"Anticipate additional unexpected surprises throughout the test. Stuff will never be as they are said to be because the single thing that never alterations in this world is items almost never go as prepared... Individuals that can completely grasp and conform to that thought approach should be able to deal with unpredicted cases... Only people who find themselves adequate will stay the potential risk of obtaining enrolled to the MBO. So, ensure you do your best!" He said by having an authoritative develop.
"PLACE YOUR HAND For The PALM To Ensure YOUR Id AND MOVE ON TO Another Level!"
Chapter 164 - Next Phase
Although lots of participants had been disqualified during the first phase, they would definitely still be more than a thousand left, and they could all fit in within this large space, but they were teleported to other places within the tower.
The volume of people within the sizeable room location was in close proximity to 2000. Still, the pillars have been no more than 20 or so in multitude.
Trruunnnuuuu! Trruunnnuuuu! Trruunnnuuuu!
The members didn't understand that the MBO sought everybody to partake within the next test blindly, not having any understanding of what their other participants' power was.
'I wonder what grade he is,' These were the thoughts of almost every mixed-blood in the vicinity.
These pillars acquired two palm prints on all of their health that glowed blue colored.
After a few had been chosen in addition to their palms ended up being examined, the task was finished. The individuals who acquired gone through the process vanished from other standing placement.
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Lights reflected from the pillar and scanned his entire figure.
"Goodluck Gustav," She voiced out with a smile.
"Location YOUR HAND ON THE PALM To Verify YOUR Id AND Start Working On The Subsequent Level!"
They inserted their on the job the palm print, and shiny lighting enveloped them, scanning their body from head to toe.
"Goodluck Gustav," She voiced out with a smile.
An hour half an hour later, Gustav sensed a thing and appeared up.
The large room instantly quietened upon seeing him.
Angy was still seated, waiting for her number to be shown. When she saw Gustav getting up, she felt a wave of uneasiness and disappointment hit her.
"Try your best," Gustav added before moving forward.
"All of you need to know why you're in this article... The MBO front door examination signing up is likely to commence in certain minutes or so. However, right before it does, I'd like to say certain things. I'm confident everybody are unclear about what went down moving toward the tower." He said with his hands and fingers inserted behind his back again.
Gustav switched his palm around to deal with him and stared on the number on it again.
Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

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